KuCoin has identified alleged hackers, police are involved

The decentralised crypto exchange is still trying to clear up the hacker attack.

While the aftermath of the hacker attack on KuCoin is still being felt, the Crypto Exchange has now announced that it has identified the suspects and officially engaged law enforcement agencies.

KuCoin CEO Johnny Lyu accordingly reported on Twitter on October 3 that the crypto trading platform has clear evidence of who is responsible for the hacker attack of September 26.

Lyu further states that KuCoin, with the help of other crypto companies, was able to recover an additional $64 million in funds from suspicious addresses. This means that a total of $204 million has now been recovered.

In addition, the trading platform is increasingly returning to normal operations. According to Lyu, deposits and withdrawals are now available again for 31 crypto currencies. This should also soon be possible again for the three large cryptos BTC, ETH and USDT.

The hacker attack on KuCoin is the first major case in which a so-called „decentralised crypto exchange“ is misused for money laundering. It is estimated that almost 200 million US dollars were stolen in the course of the hack, but some experts fear that the damage could be far greater.